1. Process and Usage Outdoor Image offers a sophisticated online job management tool for quickly approving and modifying artwork for print production by Outdoor Image. Outdoor Image reserves the right to modify or adjust the functionalities of this interface without notice. Online proofing requires an active internet connection either through a desktop computer or web-based mobile device capable of displaying graphic imagery. Online proofing speeds up the production timeline and preserves the understanding between Outdoor Image and Customer regarding the final proof approved for production. Proofs approved through an online portal are not color accurate due to variations between individual computer monitors. Color accuracy can only be achieved by requesting a hard copy proof or, for color critical jobs, a press proof from Outdoor Image prior to final proof approval.
  2. Print Production. Outdoor Image uses digital inkjet technology using the CMYK color model to produce its printing. Pantone or other spot colors provided by our Customer will be reproduced using the CMYK equivalent. All in-house Outdoor Image printing will be produced at a high quality output resolution standard of 360dpi. This resolution is acceptable for most grand and large format applications. A request for a higher resolution must be made at the time of the initial order. Outdoor Image prints on industry standard materials (substrates). Samples are available upon request. Customer is responsible for informing Outdoor Image at the time of the initial order of the Customer's requirements for substrate specifications, including weight, thickness, size, etc. If the Customer fails to provide Outdoor Image with substrate specifications, Outdoor Image will use its best judgment in selecting an appropriate substrate for the Customers print order.
  3. Proofing Procedures. Online proofing requires approval of the content and appearance of the print job as well as approval of production specifications. Production specifications will be listed on the same screen as the digital proof. The Customers failure to question or change these specifications to meet the Customers needs will not warrant a reprint or discount on future orders. Once Outdoor Image receives final proof approval production will begin unless there are pending payment issues. Customer requests for any changes after proof approval may result in additional charges of up to 100% of the total print cost. Text and spelling errors missed during proof approval are the responsibility of the Customer or the person who approved the proof on behalf of the Customer. If the Customer elects to forego proof approval, Outdoor Image will not be responsible for any errors that could have been detected had a proof been approved.
  4. Production Turnaround. Typical production orders will be produced and shipped in our standard turnaround time of 3 to 5 business days after receipt of final proof approval. Non-standard materials may require a longer turnaround time. Print orders that require a non-standard turnaround RUSH will incur additional fees. A request for a nonstandard turnaround time must be made when the initial order is placed by the Customer. Orders scheduled for pickup must be picked up promptly at Outdoor Image print facility, or storage or shipping fees will be added.
  5. Order Delays. A proof sent for online approval requires the Customers immediate attention and approval in order to meet the initial proposed deadline. Approvals received after 2:00 pm will be deemed received on the following business day. Failure to make a prompt approval will delay final production of the order. Extensive revisions or adjustments to artwork may also result in delay. A request for a press proof after an online proof has been submitted may delay production. Outdoor Image will upgrade the shipping method at its expense if responsibility for a tardy order is the sole responsibility of Outdoor Image. Upgraded shipping due to Customer delay will result in additional shipping charges to the Customer.
  6. User Setup. One Customer user, as the Customer Administer, will be given the ability to set up additional users on the Customers web portal. All orders entered and approved on Outdoor Images website by the additional users will be deemed to have been accepted by the Customer Administrator.
  7. Payment. Full payment is due upon Customers final proof approval except on orders for which payment terms have been agreed upon by Outdoor Imagers Credit Department. Payment by credit card will be charged to the Customers credit card on file upon placement of each order unless otherwise agreed in writing. Print orders not picked up within 30 days after the scheduled pick-up date will be charged and additional $1 per day after the 30th day until picked up.